An innovative concept

With the aim of offering a new buying and sampling experience Sushi Gourmet offers a completely innovative culinary concept in supermarkets and food retailers.

Our advantage is that we make products of outstanding quality, all handmade by our sushi chefs in front of our customers creating a sense of theatre in-store.

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In terms of freshness, quality & price:


The freshness of our products is our guiding principle: we follow extremely stringent hygiene standards, inline with the requirements of the supermarkets with which we work.


All our products are selected from hand picked suppliers offering known provenance. Our fish in particular is both sustainable and of highest fresh quality


Our new offer of fresh sushi in large retail outlets offers a significant advantage: the price! We plan to make sushi accessible for everyone! So now you can sample your favourite sushi at comptetitive price in a brand new setting.

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